A new to-be-named immersive destination is coming to the East Village at 6 St Mark's Place in summer 2022: 16 rooms on two floors, each a standalone themed interactive experience.


Available for 90-min bookings by pods of 2-8 people, each themed room includes craft cocktails or alcohol-free drinks, and an optional menu of shared plates. The project is a multi-room version of Brooklyn's Plum Blossom Parlor that ran successfully at the peak of the pandemic, when all other nightlife was closed.

The installation's open hours will include family-friendly options, adults-only evenings, and even brunch.

In addition to the individual art rooms, the project will include a larger room for groups up to 10, and a bar area for groups up to 15. The location will also be open for private events booking the entirety of one of both floors.

Help us name the project, and we'll thank you with the first-ever booking here
during our friends-and-family soft open this summer!

Here are the criteria we have for the name:
- Memorable. This will go out to a huge segment of the general population, and we need it to be sticky, even if seen or mentioned only once.
- Easy to pronounce and spell, even for non-native speakers. We like to say that you need to be able to shout it in a crowded bar and have it understood.
- Clever and preferably with layered meaning describing what it is / how it works.
- Appealing to adults, suitable for corporate, inoffensive for all ages.
- Available URLs and social handles.
- Here are some of the runner-up names so far: No Stranger Place, All Who Wonder, Was Lost Now Found, Domus Mirum (House of Marvel(s) or Surprises) or Domus Iris (House of Rainbow), The Magpie's Nest, The Wonder Cabinet.

What is the COVID safety protocol?

There is a dedicated room for each pod of guests. HEPA air filters run in all spaces, including at check-in and bar. All bookings are separated by 30-min blocks for cleaning, sanitizing, and having filters turn over all air in the room. Masks are required in all common areas. The bar is only open for dedicated group reservations and is physically separated from the main space.

Who is building this?

The project is a new venture for Gemini and Scorpio, creators of unique immersive NYC events for 20+ years.

How do I find out more?

You can join our mailing list to be among the first to get updates.


How do I contact the producers?

Want to get involved or have a specific question? Drop a line to this email.